Silicone Eye Pads

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Each package contains 5 Pairs of Eye Pads
Eyelash Addict's newest solution to
-Preventing gel from seeping into your client's eyes due to gel eye pads
-Not using products your clients may react to.
-Saving lots of money on buying disposable Eye pads.
-Not having to worry about pulling out your clients bottom lashes  and so much more!!
These revolutionary silicone eye pads are designed especially for a variety of different eye shapes. The great thing about silicon eye pads over other methods of keeping the bottom lashes out of your way, is that they won't add any containments that your client may have a reaction to. They are thin, with just the right amount of flexibility to work on any eye shape. The dual curve design specifically works on high cheekbones, while giving you two different size eye curves. If one side doesn't work for your client, the other side will. Simply wet the side of the eye pad that you will be placing on the skin, and place on the clients lash line (option you can also wet the client skin where the eye pad will be going)
Some clients will require a bit of paper tape to hold the eye pad in place, while the majority will be able to use just the eye pad. They work on the most sensitive clients without adding to eye irritation issues. Best of all, these eye pads can be used over and over, up to a hundred times. Purchase a days’ worth, and clean at the end of the day, or purchase enough for each and every one of your individual clients. Easy to clean and disinfect between uses. (Simply use an oil free make up remover to remove any make up residue, Gel adhesive remover to remove any adhesive that gets on them, soap and water to sanitize, and then your favorite disinfectant or sterilization agent to get them ready for the next day. Eyelash Addict has not tested these with heat methods of sterilization.)
The eye pads are made from silicon and do not contain LATEX These were designed and cut by Eyelash Addict Ltd. Video on application and cleaning now available http://www.eyelashaddict.com/videos.html