Skinnergate Tape

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Authentic Skinnergate tape from Japan.

The highly flexible polyolefin film tape fits the movement of the skin. Highly moisture-permeable film and skin-friendly acrylic adhesive reduce stratum corneum exfoliation when peeled off.

High moisture permeable tape to reduce skin maceration

  • Both the adhesive and the film are highly moisture-permeable, which keeps the skin comfortable by reducing sweating-induced maceration even when the tape is applied for a long time.

Adapting to the movements of the skin

  • The tape provides comfortable use because of its ability to fit well to the movements of the skin. The tape, consisting of a highly flexible polyolefin film, can be stretched very easily, as shown in the figure below, and therefore is adaptive to even slight movements of the skin.

Pain reduction when removing

  • The adhesive was designed to be skin-friendly by reducing stratum corneum exfoliation when peeled off. The area rate of stratum corneumwhen being peeled off in SKINERGATE was less than that in our conventional product.